Stretch foot muscles along the plantar and achilles, strengthen ankles, improve balance and release foot cramps (Photo)

Helps stretch muscles along Plantar and Achilles by walking and stretching the feet. Alleviate Achilles Tendinitis by placing the heel on floor and the rest of your foot on the sloped end of the Fit Buddy and move your other foot forward. Moving the foot forward that is on the floor will result in a greater stretch. Adjust position for your desired stretch.  Repeat a few times on each side. Walking on the Fit Buddy can increase blood and energy circulation and help relieve tired feet by stimulating the muscles around the ankle. Strengthening the ankle muscles may also help with balance. In a sitting position hold the LiLiFu Fit Buddy crosswise, rub across and along the bottom of your feet to bring relief.  The Achilles Tendons tend to shorten with age which can result in shuffling of the feet. This exercise also increases blood and energy circulation. Start with 2-3 minutes.