LiLiFu Fit Buddy Instructions For Usage(on the bottom of the Fit Buddy)

LiLiFu Fit Buddy TM instructions for usage:

1. Neck-place under the curve of the neck and gently and slowly move your head side to side while exhaling through the mouth. Place hand towel on top if needed for comfort. This is helpful to alleviate neck discomfort and tension. Move it a few inches higher on your head to massage your acupressure points.

2. Feet-place one foot on Fit Buddy and gently and slowly press the foot into the Fit Buddy with the other foot firmly placed on the floor while holding onto a wall for stability. Repeat with the other foot. With heel on floor and arch on pointed side slowly lean forward to stretch the calf muscle while holding onto the wall for stability. This is helpful for Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis by stretching the foot and calf muscles. This promotes circulation and helps relieve tired feet.

3. Chest opening-place horizontally under the shoulder blade tips at mid back with arms opened wide to the sides while breathing deeply and placing a rolled towel under your head for support if needed. This position helps with chest opening and with relieving anxiety and stress.

Caution: Always consult your Physician before use. Place on a yoga mat to keep from sliding or on a non slippery surface. Discontinue use if painful. Do not use over 5 minutes per area if first time user. Always use with caution. Do not jump on Fit Buddy. Do not use if pregnant.  Check before each use and do not use if damaged. Use slowly, mindfully and gently. Clean by wiping with a mild soap and damp cloth. Place hand towel on top for additional comfort.

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