Material used, size and how it is made

Our LiLiFu Fit Buddy wooden line is Eco friendly and sustainable.  It is lightweight and portable most weighing 1.5 lbs and is 18 inches long, 5 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches tall. Each one is kiln dried to kill bacteria and mold for 72 hours and is hand carved by a wood artisan.  LiLiFu Fit Buddies are unique and carefully made to the highest standards. The wood used to make our LiLiFu Fit Buddies, is legally sourced and grown and harvested in the United States. Each LiLiFu Fit Buddy possesses a natural beauty and is treated with an organic all natural oil that seals the wood from bacteria, fungus or mold penetrating it and is then treated with a food grade conditioner to protect it.  Each wooden LiLiFu Fit Buddy is of heirloom quality.