The Founding of Fit Buddy

Fit Buddy was created by a tennis, yoga, hiking and meditation enthusiast who enjoyed playing hard but had suffered injuries that made it harder to enjoy and play sports because of pain and discomfort. While going to different healthcare providers and purchasing the tools and equipment recommended by each, the workout equipment basket in the corner of the room began to fill up with so many different products that a decision was made to simplify by creating one multi use body tool. One tool that would be able to be used everywhere-the office, while traveling, while visiting friends, on the court or playing field, hiking and in the home. It needed to be light in weight, easy to carry, durable, functional, attractive and offer excellent value.

After several months of creating many prototypes, the perfect design was finally achieved.  It provided excellent value and the name Fit Buddy was chosen. Many specialists were consulted including chiropractors, physical therapists, a vascular surgeon, neuromuscular therapisst, podiatrists, yoga and tai chi instructors and more uses for this product were discovered.  The feedback was so good that manufacturing began and it was offered and available to the world.  

LiLiFu stands for Live Life Fully (it is the first two letters of each word). Fit Buddy is your Buddy that will help you to stay Fit. It is a multi use, self care whole body massage/therapy/yoga/exercise tool that will help you to maintain a body that is fit.  It is both lightweight and portable.  Fit Buddy is also a reminder that any time you feel discomfort in your body, with just a few minutes of consistent use you can invigorate and    re-energize your body to help release pain to make your life more enjoyable.

A few minutes of use along with deep breathing can help you reset your body and mind.

LiLiFu's mission is to provide products that will help people in a positive way, creating a more enjoyable, fulfilling life and a comfortable body to live in. So please, go out there and LiLiFu (Live Life Fully)!