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Before you play tennis, use the Fit Buddy so the body is more relaxed and able to move without forcing the muscle.-Tony Palafox, tennis coach Atlanta, GA. Wimbledon winner and Tennis Coach of John McEnroe for 17 years when he was the #1 tennis player in the world

My name is Melvin Ross and I just used Fit Buddy. I was having pain with my neck and when I used it, it was amazing the pain was gone. I have not been able to rest for the past 3-4 days and now my shoulder fells like a new shoulder and my neck doesn't hurt anymore. my shoulder is feeling great and I can move my neck. I feel great! I feel outstanding! -Melvin Ross, South Georgia

This is an affordable, multiple purpose tool.  It mimics various orthopedic devices-conveniently rolled into one. It encourages proper lumbar and cervical curves and works on  the, equally important, soft tissue (ligaments, tendons and fascia). With teen gamers and all ages texting with frequency, forward head carriage is a BIG issue. Encouraging the cervical curve....As a chiropractor I say "Yes, please!"  Sitting and sedentary habits are pervasive. I love that you're getting people to work on soft tissue and fascia regularly. Fascia is the connective tissue that literally connects everything from head to toe.  Relieving trigger points and restrictions aids in whole-body health.  Get this to the masses!!! Go, go, go.-Dr. Jen Bolk, Chiropractor, Atlanta, GA

 I am an aging athlete and still compete in foot racing. At age 50, I regularly break 5 minutes for one mile at track meets. The secret to getting old and staying fast is to avoid injury. Rolling out sore muscles every day is key to avoiding injury. I have added Fit Buddy to the foam roller, golfball roller and lacrosse ball for massaging muscles. I love the feel of the wood with Fit Buddy. Before and after workouts, we "roll out" and stretch. My very popular Fitness Boot Camp, Peachtree Road Boot Camp also uses Fit Buddy. Fit Buddy is one of the tricks that allow us to work out like animals all week without getting hurt.                      -Chip Owens, Personal trainer in Buckhead/Atlanta, GA 

I am using my Fit Buddy for plantar fasciitis and it gives the best stretch I have ever had. I use it several times a day and am very happy with it.                           -Bruce Ryan. Atlanta, GA

I have been absolutely delighted with my Fit Buddy. As a very active “senior”(running, swimming, biking, etc) it has enhanced my flexibility, stamina and recovery time. In my daily stretches the deep tissue massage for my tight calves and hamstrings, chest opening and relief for my Achilles tendinitis has been terrific. Afterwards, I have found hardly any soreness, tightness in muscles and joints, and it has improved overall circulation.  As a healer I plan to recommend Fit Buddy to all my friends and clients. Thank you for a wonderful tool!  -Bob Maldonado, Fairhope, AL

I love to use my Fit Buddy for my lower back pain. I place it under my lower back and it brings me relief.  It also helps with my sciatica and to relieve the pressure I feel from my pinched nerve.  I use it on my feet after I walk, go for a run or wear high heels. When my neck feels tight, I like to use it to help with the tightness. -Mary S, Milton, GA 

I like to use my Fit Buddy to help me get rid of headaches. I roll back in forth with it under the back of my head and neck and it helps every time.                     -Quentin Ball, Las Vegas, NV

I am a runner and use my Fit Buddy to help with plantar fasciitis and to stretch my tight foot muscles. -Bob, Milton, GA

I suffer calf and foot cramps on a regular basis at night. But since I've started stretching my feet with my Fit Buddy I have not had a single problem with night time cramps. While I watch TV before bed I simply walk carefully in all directions across the Fit Buddy stretching my achilles tendon as well as the metatarsals all across my foot and on the arch. It takes less than five minutes and completely prevents any night time cramps. I love it! -Robin Keeler, Atlanta,GA

 I am a former long distance runner and current tennis player. I stand on my Fit Buddy while drying my hair (multi tasking).  It loosens up my calf muscles and stretches the bottoms of my feet. They feel much better when I use my Fit Buddy! -Lora Schipper, Atlanta, GA

I use my Fit Buddy to get the tightness out of my lower back after a hard work out or long tennis match.  I also use the coordinating stomach techniques to enhance the back techniques with the  Fit Buddy and it really releases the tightness and aches and pains! It is also great for opening the chest.  That one is uncomfortable at first and then gets easier as the minutes go on and by the end, I feel so opened up and refreshed!! -Alyson Rogers, Atlanta, GA

As a hair stylist I am on my feet all day long. I like standing on the pointed end of my Fit Buddy and stretching my achilles tendon and calves and also walking on it. The Fit Buddy is such a tension reliever for my feet, calves and back and makes a big difference with how my body feels.-Van Wynne, Atlanta, GA

I am an avid bicyclist and have rode "Ride the Rockies" for 9 years. At the peak of my training I will be in the saddle 5-8 hours per day.  This year I got a Fit Buddy about 90 days before the ride and used it in my stretching routine before and after each ride.  I noticed a significant improvement in my riding fatigue, particularly in my lower back and shoulders. I use it every day now!                     -Mike Seig, Ft. Collins, CO

The Fit Buddy is a great personal self care tool, I use it personally and with my therapy clients. It helps maintain the alignment that we work to achieve on the therapy table and gives my clients an "at home mini therapist" to use between sessions. Excellent and portable too! -Ruth Ann Martin, Atlanta, GA


Hi my name is Winnie Ross, I just used the Fit Buddy. I was having pain in my right knee, I actually have an injury in it. Fit Buddy helped my shins, my calves and the pain in my knee is gone. -Winnie Ross, South Georgia

I suffered migraines for years...Now that I am using my Fit Buddy I honestly can't tell you the last time I've had a migraine.  The second I start getting a headache I lay on my head and neck on it. It's been awesome.  I love it!-Paula, Atlanta, GA  

Since acquiring the Fit Buddy, I try to use it daily.  I find that this product is incredible! As a physical therapist and lover of all sports, I know the importance of stretching and the Fit Buddy has made this easier for me.  I love the wooden material from which it is made. It is a delicate texture that makes it very enjoyable for stretching my achilles tendon which I have to stretch frequently since being diagnosed with chronic achilles tendinitis. Thank you Fit Buddy for making my days less painful.  -Leslie Gonzalez, Miami, FL

 I use to suffer from neck pain.  I spend too much time sitting in front of a computer and my posture is not the best. Just at that time I heard about the Fit Buddy and since then I have been using it everyday before I  go to bed.  It relaxes me physically and mentally.  At the same time it is a time I use to forget about everything. With some music I use it for 15 minutes. Additionally, I use it for my back and feet. Since I acquired the Fit Buddy my neck feels so much better in just a few minutes, I can totally relax. Thank you LiLiFu for offering such a great product. -Ligia Gonzalez, Miami, FL 

I love my Fit Buddy!  It really helps with my sore feet. After a day of hard tennis I can just roll my feet on the Fit Buddy. It just takes a few minutes and my feet feel much better instead of feeling worse and worse by the week. So thanks a lot!  Julia Shimaoka, Atlanta, GA

I bought my Fit Buddy when I tried it at the gym and I never buy things just after doing a demo but I really like the breathing. I am a runner and I have a lot of stress and upper tension in my upper back and I really liked it.  It helped me by just opening things up. It is a combination of things I have tried in the past but all in one device.  It is easy to use, very simple and something I am comfortable sharing with my husband who has herniated discs. Thank you!  -Katie, Atlanta

Fit Buddy opens things up with my shoulders and moves things around better than I've done with anything else in yoga and I can't wait to include this in my mat practice. -Candace Reimer, Southwest Airlines, Atlanta, GA


Hi, I'm Courtney Stone and I love Fit Buddy because it literally has helped me in so many ways with my lower back, with my feet and has prevented me from having headaches. So it has been amazing and I love it and you should love it too! -Courtney Stone, fitness instructor and trainer, Atlanta, GA

This is something I can implement into my training sessions, I love it. Dawn showed me a ton of upper back, cervical, thorasic spine, all of those areas, all of those knots and some really cool ways to use it to loosen up everything and I think I am going to be able to implement it in at least one or two different movements and stretches that will be able to help all of the clients.  It's really cool. My favorite part is that a lot of our clients travel a lot and this will fit right into their bags, for airport luggage and it's great. I love the density of it too. It's super thick and gets a little deeper than foam rollers and it's a really cool product. -Cody Parks, Personal trainer, Atlanta, GA

 Hi, I'm Natalie and I just tried out the Fit Buddy for the first time. I really like it. I get very tight during my trips and this is my third day of flying. Being able to try the Fit Buddy just now eliminated a lot of the pain I was having in my shoulders and lower back and even in my calves from wearing heels for three days. I really enjoyed it. -Natalie, flight attendant Atlanta

Hi, I'm Joy, I'm 46 and a runner and what I love about the Fit Buddy is that you can really really get into your feet, your plantar and undo all of the damage that 20 miles of pavement does to your feet. It's a great stretch.-Joy Sanded  personal trainer, Atlanta, GAFit Buddy has changed my life! I am a on my feet all day long as a hair stylist at Salon V in Buckhead. I use Fit Buddy on my feet, on my back and on my hamstrings. I work out 5 days a week and use it to work out and to stretch. I highly recommend it . You should definitely give it a shot. You will not be disappointed. Awesome! -Allen Jones, Hair stylist at Salon V

 I bought a Fit Buddy and I love it.  It worked out on my back on my feet and a lot of other places on my body that were hurting and now I feel great. I guarantee you will to. Check it out!  -Charles Reed, Atlanta, Singer and Fitness enthusiast

My name is Angela Harmon and I just tried the Fit Buddy and I am just amazed and don't have any words. It was like I was kneading my body out which was doughy and tough. The best part that I like about it was that when I placed it at the base of my back and let my arms out it opened me up. I am on my feet a lot and I like heels and I travel and that was the other part that resonated with my body. I didn't even know that my feet hurt and needed the attention. I think the Fit Buddy is a product that will work with me and will help to keep me stress free. -Angela Harman, consultant, Atlanta, GA

 Hi, I'm Jewel a flight attendant out of Los Angeles and I just want to tell you how great the Fit buddy is. I really enjoyed it just now. It helps with your back and with your neck, the pressure points are wonderful and feet. It is light weight. Check it out, it is wonderful! If you get the chance, look it up, it is worth it.           -Jewel, flight attendant, Los Angeles

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a Delta flight attendant and I just bought a Fit Buddy. I love that whenever you use it on your feet it is amazing for your calves it is so comfortable when it is under your neck and opens up your chest area and muscles. It is amazing and you should get one.-Sarah, flight attendant 

Hi , my name is Malikah Planas and I use my Fit Buddy for menstrual cramps and it has totally helped them out. I've been suffering from really bad menstrual cramps ever since I was in middle school and I decided to use the Fit buddy not knowing if it would help but I tried it out. I laid flat on the floor and put it under my stomach and moved side to side while on the floor and it honestly relieved my menstrual cramps. If you have cramps this is the prefect tool to use. If you have and pain it helps from head to toe. You should definitely check this out, I love it.-Malikah Planas, Atlanta-Social Media and Consulting

Hi, this is Debbie and I use the Fit Buddy and I encourage everybody to use it too. It is working wonderful for me. It is helping me to lose weight. Press it on your tummy. My shoulders are a lot less stressed because of it. So buy one!          -Debbie, Southwest Flight attendant

 Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am a flight attendant for Delta airlines. I am trying out Fit Buddy and bought one today. I have 4 broken toes right now and this is the first thing I have found that is really stretching my toes and giving them more flexibility. I also tried it on my calves and it really stretches my calves and I can't wait to use it on my abdomen to use it on other areas I need it on. I really can't wait to use it.-Rebecca, Flight Attendant for Delta

 Hi, my name is Jamie and I am a flight attendant for Delta and I love the Fit Buddy. It works on every part of the body that we need to stretch especially our feet and back. This is just a fantastic product and I hope you will try it.                        -Jamie, Flight attendant for Delta Airlines

Hi, I am a Southwest Flight attendant for Southwest airlines. What I love about the Fit Buddy is that when I stood on it, it felt really awesome on my feet. I felt like I was really stretching the tendon out and I have a lot of pain in my feet so I think it is going to be a great thing. I would recommend it to anyone.                      -Laura, Flight attendant for Southwest airlines

Hi, my name is Terri and I just wanted to say that I enjoy my Fit Buddy so much. It is helping me with my back problems and it helps me when I do yoga and don't have to use the roll up blankets. It is helping me with my neck tension and my shoulder tension. It's going to help me with my calves and my feet. I really love the Fit Buddy. It fits in my suitcase and is lightweight and I am going to take it everywhere I go. -Terri, Southwest airlines flight attendant

 Hi, my name is Tom and I oversee the supportive care for flight attendants for Southwest airlines. I just bought a Fit Buddy and I love it! It was an amazing stretch and I just had plantar fasciitis and it was wonderful. Very painful at first but I can feel it working already. I am so excited to have a new Fit Buddy.               Tom, Southwest airlines, supportive care for flight attendants

 Hey, I am Dr. K and I love my Fit Buddy. I use it all almost every night on my neck, it keeps me in good shape. It's a wonderful little toy and everyone should have one. Dr. Scott Karempelis, Dermatology Associates Atlanta

My name is Robert Dothard, I like Fit Buddy because it helps me relax. I just took a boot camp class, just went through a few stretches and it felt awesome.Robert Dothard, personal trainer and owner of Fit Family, Smyrna


Hi, my name is Nadine and I am a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. I like a lot of things about Fit Buddy but what I really liked was how it felt when I rested the very top of my glutes on it and for plantar fasciitis for my feet.           Nadine Bramlett, personal trainer

Hi, I'm Wendy Bass and I am from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I'm a recreation leader, primary group fitness instructor and personal training and what I like the most about using Fit Buddy is that is very easy for me. It is small and affordable. I have tried many things to help relieve my neck pain, everything from conventional medicine and both physical therapy. This is something that makes it very easy for me to do myself.  -Wendy Bass, personal trainer and group fitness Myrtle Beach, SC

Hi, my name is Nancy Valentine and I just wanted to give my testimonial about the Fit Buddy. I am an instructor and have been teaching in the Atlanta area for about 26 years now. I teach a variety of classes and I find sometimes my body doesn't respond well. I get tightness, I have pain, tension. I decided to stop by Fit Buddy to see what they could offer me. I just want you to know that today I had a wonderful experience. I was experiencing some trouble in my feet, my knees and my back and just using the Fit Buddy has relieved some of that tension already and I can feel a difference. I suggest that you take a moment and check out Fit Buddy. You won't be disappointed.                                          -Nancy Valentine, Group fitness instructor

Hi, I'm Will. I work for SCW Fitness and am also a yoga instructor. I love my Fit Buddy that I recently purchased. I use for stretching my toes, my IT band, my lower back. It's just really easy to use. Thank you for showing it to me, thanks. Will Harris, SCW Fitness and yoga instructor, Chicago, IL