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Hi, I'm David, I just purchased one of the new Fit Buddies. I'm finding out that it's really, really helpful for my feet for my plantar fasciitis. I just purchased it and so far I am looking forward to using it again.

Hi, my name is Jason and I’m really looking forward to using the Fit Buddy. What I like about it so far is being able to target some areas of my back- both my upper and lower back and shoulders. I look forward to using it. -Jason, Atlanta

Hey Dawn, thank you so much for teaching me how to use my Fit Buddy. At first I was like -I’ve got this wooden thing, and I lay on it but once Dawn described all the pressure points and for sciatica- you can roll on the Fit Buddy plus she has all the videos online for us if we forget what to do. But some of our favorites were the butt cheek and the pressure point for the back and shoulders that’s one of my favorites. I love it! I always get tension from work so thank you so much for getting me my own Fit Buddy. I hope everybody gets one of these. I’m going to tell all the people at my gym-Exhale about Fit Buddy so they can stop using the square block, tennis ball and golf ball and I’m also getting them for my family. My mom is 80 she will love this. Thanks.

Hi, my name us Monica and today I got to try out the Fit Buddy and I really liked it because there are so many uses and many different places of your body that you can use it for. I go to the gym quite often, 4-5 times a week and using this I didn't realize I had all this pressure built up and now that I used it I feel so much more relaxed and I really, really like it and highly recommend it.-Monica, Atlanta


Hi, my name is Darlene and what I like about my Fit Buddy is-I like it for my neck, I like it for my back, I use it on my feet, I use it on my shoulders. It relieves tension and it works great for me. Occasionally, I bring to to work and use it and then everybody wants to know what it is so I pretty much tell them what it is and show them online where they can get one. I love my Fit Buddy, buy it! -     Darlene, Atlanta

Hi, I'm Susan with PlateSculpt and I'm here with the Fit Buddy today on the Power Plate. What I really like about this is the density of the material. It is actually allowing that vibration to transfer to my hip and give me a trigger point release just where I need it.

So what I like about Fit Buddy is versus the bio foam roller which is where you get on top the bio foam roller rolls underneath, this stays stable in place so you can navigate your body any angle you want without losing the surface area like you would with a foam roller. I like it because it is harder than the foam roller cause its wood.-Scott King, owner of Scott King Circuit Fitness 

My name is Scott and I am on my feet probably 8 hours a day and I enjoy this particular stretch because as I apply forward pressure and keep the knees slightly bent I get a really good achilles heel stretch and it's also applying direct pressure-trigger point right in the middle of my foot which also opens up and spreads the bones of the metatarsal, the toe bones and the mid foot bones so I get a real nice stretch there.-Scott King-owner of Scott King Circuit Training