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Hello everybody, my name is Miguel. I got my new Fit Buddy tool here. I absolutely love this. I'm a huge advocate of foam rolling, trigger point therapy, myofascial release in general and I love this new Fit Buddy, it is absolutely amazing. I think this should be in everyone's tool box for relieving any tight muscle tissue, any stress or sorenesses it helps even relieve sinuses. this is definitely something you should be having in your tool box so go grab yourself a Fit Buddy. -Miguel Ortiz, Personal trainer, Atlanta, GA


Hi, my name is Bill. I just bought the Fit Buddy and it helped loosen this whole tight area (shoulder area) that has been tight for a whole week. It's the only thing after 3 massages, an hour of foam rolling that has actually seemed to work. So, it does it's job. Let me show you what sort of strain it helps with. (Bill then does an amazing maneuver of strength, control and flexibility with has body).-Bill, #OldGuyRulesATL


Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a Delta flight attendant and I just bought a Fit Buddy. I love that whenever you use it on your feet it is amazing for your calves it is so comfortable when it is under your neck and opens up your chest area and muscles. It is amazing and you should get one. -Sarah, flight attendant

I’m a leadership consultant whose lifestyle includes a heavy dose of travel and physical activity. Healthy living is one of my core values and the Fit Buddy is an important part of my routine for staying flexible, so that I’m ready for the next trip, tennis match, dance class or mountain hike.  ~ Shannon Schultz, Atlanta, GAI use my Fit Buddy to relieve and massage my fatigued feet and I stand on it to help restore my balance.-Shannon Schultz, consultant Atlanta, GA

I use my Fit Buddy to relieve and massage my fatigued feet and I stand on it to help restore my balance.-Edward Walton, Founder of of Black Men Run Atlanta, GA

Hi, I'm Julie from Marietta, GA. I just got a fit Buddy and my favorite thing about it is the stretch I get in my calves and how much I know it is going to help my plantar fasciitis. -Julie, Marietta, GA

Hi, I'm Sheree from Acworth and I'm really excited for my Fit Buddy because I have a lot of lower back problems from commuting, working at a computer and its really going to help me stretch it out plus your normal things like stretching on the mat from all of us watching our cell phones too much so, thank you Fit Buddy. -Sheree, Acworth, GA

Hi, I'm Scott Satori and I just bought a Fit Buddy for working with my feet battling plantar fasciitis and I'm about to get some tools and it feels fantastic.                   -Scott Satori, Atlanta, GA 

Hi, I'm Fran Schefer and I'm happy to say that I just bought a Fit Buddy and I really love the simple design. I love the idea that I can use this on various parts of my body. I also like the idea that it has a really hard surface and I think it will do a very good job at breaking down the muscles that are tense and I'm excited about that and using it. -Fran Schefer, Atlanta, GA

Hi, I'm Randy, I just bought a Fit Buddy. I work all day at a desk. I've got a lot of back issues, and leg issues from sitting there all day. I do work out but I sit at a desk a lot and this is great for my feet, my calves and my lower back. I am going to try some of the other exercises on here and see what else I can correct.           -Randy Gilliam, Atlanta

My name is Nick and I've got extreme lower back pain from doing roofing and what not and I purchased a Fit Buddy and it has been doing great on my lower back, no more lower pains or anything like that. -Nick, Atlanta, GA

 Hi, my name is Robson. I bought the Fit Buddy-amazing product! I have a lot of back pain and plantar fasciitis and this helped me a lot. Thank you!-Robson, ATL

 Hi, I'm Thomas and I am a trainer at Lifetime Fitness and one thing I love about Fit Buddy is it really gets those trigger points that you can't always get with a foam roller. It is very efficient and helpful. Thank you. -Thomas, Personal trainer 

Hi, my name is Tuwanyo and I work at the Shepherd Center. What I love about the Fit Buddy is the benefits of the neck pressure relief and the neck pressure of it. I love how it instantly took away the pain in my neck. thank you so much for this dynamic tool. -Tuwanyo, Shepherd Center, Atlanta, GA

Hi, this is Sonnet. Dawn just introduced me with this Fit Buddy amazing product. As soon as I was able to use it I knew that it was going to work for my back. I have a back condition and I wanted a product like this. So. all I have to say it good things about the product. It's amazing, thank you.                                         -Sonnet, Minneapolis, Minnesota


 Hi, my name is Debbie and I just love using my Fit Buddy. It's actually now my best friend. I love using it on my back area when I've had a stressful day at work. It relieves the tension and yeah, I'm in love.- Debbie, Atlanta

Hi I’m Jennifer and I love my Fit Buddy. I use it to stretch out. I do a lot of weight training at the gym and although I do yoga as well to round out my fitness routine and to stretch out my muscles. I really love using Fit Buddy to completely ease the tension, to roll out, I particularly get tension in my neck and my low back and I find it’s perfect for just rolling out and getting that last bit of tension out so that I can feel really feel completely comfortable and relaxed and pain-free.                   - Jennifer, Atlanta

Hi my name is Lauren. I just bought a Fit Buddy. I love how it massages my neck-the tension in my neck and my lower back and my feet. Standing on it has massaged the tension right out of my feet. I play a lot of tennis and so that has been amazing for me! -Lauren, Atlanta