Q & A

Q:  How is Fit Buddy different than a foam roller?

A:  The most obvious difference is that Fit Buddy does not roll and will remain stationary when placed on a yoga mat. There are two special ends designed for specific areas of the body. It will fully support your body weight without crushing. It is the perfect elevation to cradle the neck, open tight pec muscles, get into hard areas to access such as the hip flexors and lower back. It is eco friendly and made of natural sustainable wood. Fit buddy has a natural warmth to it. It easily fits into the interior side in a carry on suitcase.


Q:  What was your inspiration? 

A:  My inspiration was an Asian body tool that has been around for 1000 years. I loved it and how the wood felt on my body but knew that it could be an amazing tool if it were well designed, had a different arch, with special ends and long enough to stand and walk on while supporting your full body weight.  But it had to be light enough to easily carry and it needed to fit in a carry on bag, backpack or gym bag so that it could travel well.


Q:  How can I schedule a workshop, lunch and learn, corporate wellness or a one on one session?

A: Contact us at info@Fitbuddy.us


Q:  How do I know what to do with it?

A:  How to Use Videos are at the top of the website along with in depth Personal Training Videos of Miguel Ortiz.  

Q:  How does using Fit Buddy help breakdown cellulite?

A:  What is cellulite? Cellulite is simply fat deposits pushing through the connective tissue beneath the skin.  Fat build up can occur all over the body but is mainly found in women around the buttocks & thighs. Why do I have cellulite? Cellulite is caused by many different factors including hormones, age, genetics and dietary behaviors.  

What can I do to prevent it? The two most important things you can do to prevent further cellulite build up is changing your diet and rolling/massaging the cellulite for myofascial release. Utilizing Fit Buddy appropriately can help tremendously with cellulite reduction as moving or pressing against the skin can help stimulate pressure receptors, which increases vagal activity. Why does this work? This leads to a series of bioelectric and biochemical events causing fat to be dispersed/released from the body through other metabolic pathways.


Q: Who buys Fit Buddy?

A:  It ranges from teen athletes to people in their mid 80's.  Professional and former NFL & NBA players, athletes, yogis, people interested in fitness, doctors, surgeons, dentists, dental hygienists, chiropractors, flight attendants, pilots, people who sit at a desk all day, people on their feet all day, people with foot issues, tight shoulders, necks, hip flexors, sore hands, tension headaches, people who travel a lot, people who drive long distances, chefs, cyclists, lifters and anyone who wants to create flexibility, stretch, relieve muscle tension, recover and massage the body.


Q:  How many ways can it be used?

A: Over 20 ways. How to Use Videos are online.  Current workshops are posted on the Home Page. 

Q: How can I offer Fit Buddies in my store?

A: Contact us at info@FitBuddy.us


Q: How can I learn to us myFitBuddy?

A: Schedule a session online using FaceTime,Skype or at our studio in Sandy Springs/Atlanta.