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Andy, Birmingham, Alabama ICU Surgeon-Neck and shoulder tension relief.

Will Barnes, former NFL Falcon, current personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness Sandy Springs-Muscle tension relief

Hello, my name is John Taylor and I play for the Jacksonville Sharks. I love the Fit Buddy, it's awesome. It gets all of my lower back tension, my arm tension, my leg tension and everything like that. It is an amazing product.

Valerie, Atlanta, GA-relieve back of neck and head 

My name is Irene Tyndale and I am a wedding and event planner in Atlanta. About a year ago, I purchased a Fit Buddy because as any planners out there know that after working 16 hour days and after the event my feet are killing me. I bought this mostly because I was having heel spurs and my legs are killing me after 12 and 15 hour days. I use it and it has been great! I use it on my lower back, my shoulders and mostly to flex my feet. I love it so much, thank you so much.

Hi, my name is Fabian Hellman and I am an Olympic weight lifter.I really enjoy using Fit Buddy. It helped relieve a lot of tension in my shoulders, my neck and my tai chi/acupressure points on the back of my head. It really helped to release a lot of tension and I enjoyed the product. Lindsay, Atlanta, GA-Physical therapist at Emory Hospital Midtown

Hi my name is Kevin, I'm a DJ. I'm on my feet for about 14 hours a day and I'm lifting heavy equipment. I just bought a Fit Buddy and it was amazing! I had tension in my shoulders and after a couple of minutes of using it-completely gone! My calves were aching after all the standing I have been doing and the tension has been relieved. I want to thank Fit Buddy so much for being available.

Rudy, Atlanta, GA-Hair stylist

My name is Hannah and I just purchased a Fit Buddy. I love it because she helped me work out some of my shoulder muscles. I'm a dental assistant so I'm constantly scrunched over, have headaches from staring at the same thing and computer screens all of the time. She helped me work out my tension headaches and shoulders from where I constantly feel like a hunchback. I feel more taller, a little bit longer. I don't know, I just feel really good. Thanks

Hi, I'm Kiehl and I purchased the Fit Buddy a year ago and going forward it has done wonders for me. Sometimes my neck is stiff when I wake up in the morning-I am able to use it, sometimes when my thighs or shoulders are tight and stiff from working out- it provides alleviation in all of my muscles and reduces soreness when I have been working out too, too much. It is a great product. If you don't have one you need to get one. Thank you.

Sam, Atlanta, GA-Entrepreneur 

 Philippa-London, England-Relief from TMJ

 Hope Rohr, Atlanta, GA-Team Rohr Powerlifting

 Dale, Atlanta, GA-Powerlifter

Darlene, Breaking down cellulite, Atlanta, GA Emory Physical therapy

Julie Krummes, GM of Delta Fitness Center, Atlanta, GA

David Lester, Atlanta, GA-Personal trainer

Luke, Atlanta, GA -Luke is impressed by how well Fit Buddy releases tension in his hip flexors and chest much better than a foam roller.

 Good afternoon, I am Paul the owner of Buckhead Tire and Auto Repair in Atlanta, GA. I just bought the new Fit Buddy and I like it mostly for my shoulders, my back, lower back and calves. It's a wonderful tool and does about 20 different exercises. I highly recommend it.  

 Hi, I'm Officer Jones and I purchased a fit buddy. I have lost 2 pounds using that thing in the combination of changing my diet. I'm telling you it works! I love it, my wife loves it, try it!

 My name is Jillian and I use Fit Buddy on my patients. My patients are coming out of surgery and I use it to increase their blood circulation and to reduce anxiety.I look forward to using Fit Buddy on more of my patients.

Hi, my name is Danielle and I am a barre and dance teacher and I use Fit Buddy to incorporate into my classes to help with my feet.

Hi, I'm Ana and what I like about Fit Buddy is it really helps to provide some looseness to my neck and shoulders and my lower back.

Hi, I'm Steve and I am 59 years old and I love the Fit Buddy. I've been using it now and it feels great on my hips, my back, and has done wonders for my shoulders and I'm really enjoying it. I'm just starting to use it on my feet and it's making my hamstrings feel really good.

 Hi, I'm Stephan. Just got introduced to the Fit Buddy, love it for lumbar support, fantastic, bottom of the feet, got to have one of these.

Hi, I've been using the Fit Buddy and I really love packing it in my suitcase when I go traveling using it in the hotel room. I love using it when my neck is sore, my lower back is sore. I even recommend it to clients. I do career and business coaching. The newest one I am interested in because it is so lightweight and won't add poundage to my suitcase.


Cody-Sandy Springs firefighter-uses Fit Buddy for relieving sternum.

 Michael-plantar fasciitis and sinus pressure relief